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General Support / Tablet / Camera - Minimum Specs
« on: June 25, 2011, 08:07:31 pm »
I am looking to buy BuildAR for educational research purposes and need some questions answering before I do:

Can anyone tell me the minimum specification required to run the BuildAR Viewer satisfactorily on a tablet PC?

Is there a preferred minimum specification for the camera? I've been looking at tablet PCs and they all seem to have different specification cameras ranging from 2MP up to 5MP...

Also, I am thinking of creating models in 3DS Max - can anyone tell me what the limits are on the size/complexity of the models? What about lighting and textures - does BuildAR handle them? is there a maximum screen resolution?

Finally, how many different markers can BuildAR handle in view on the screen at the same time - I have an idea for using it to model a network topology but it would need to be able to handle four or five markers as a minimum to do that - I've seen the second place winner using two markers so it can obviously handle more than one - but is there a limit or is it down to the power of the PC?

Many thanks


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